100+ best ChatGPT prompts to build your own business – Ideation to Launch – Part 2

Hi there budding entrepreneurs,

ChatGPT prompts are trending and everyone we know are talking about it but only few are using it in the way it is meant to be. But, don’t worry! Get ready to unlock the power of your creativity with our very own smart AI assistant, F.R.I.D.A.Y (it’s really ChatGPT!!). But before we begin with the article, let’s have a quick recap of what we covered in the previous article. 

Our ultimate goal for this blog series is to leverage the powers bestowed upon us by the rise of Generative AI tools and travel the journey of an entrepreneur i,e, create an idea into a successful product. 

Recap – Part 1

ChatGPT prompts covered in the first part of the blog series covered

  • Product Ideation – Deciding on what exactly to choose as our first startup idea
  • Business Strategy – Creating a comprehensive business plan for our startup idea. We covered below important points in this section
    • What are the crucial elements required for creating a Business Strategy
    • Based on ChatGPT output, we then worked on finalizing below action points for our first venture
      • Vision
      • Goal
      • Target audience
      • Competitor Analysis and Insights
      • Challenges identification and prioritization
      • Financial Projections

So, in all, as someone who just wants to start something but didn’t have any idea on how to proceed, we covered a lot of ground with the help of ChatGPT. 

Building comprehensive marketing strategy

So, why is marketing so important to start a business? Let’s ask ChatGPT first and see how it responds

Prompt 1

chatgpt prompts

As stated, we now have to create a marketing strategy for our venture. “ AI Think Tank “, to take our product to the end users and make sure that it becomes a successful venture.

Let’s start by identifying what exactly needs to be covered as part of marketing strategy

Prompt 2

Great, now let’s add our business strategy details(covered in part 1)  in the above marketing strategy template

Prompt 3

Based on initial analysis, we have got generic responses for few of our queries like on budget allocation and  marketing channels but again, we will have to dig deeper to get more accurate answers.

Starting with understanding target audience and how marketing strategy would change based on different types of audiences

Prompt 4

Seems like there are a lot of differences here. To avoid the complexity, let’s remove the B2B users from our target audience and refine the plan. Also, we can go deeper with below prompts

Editing target audience

Prompt 5

Understanding marketing goals

Prompt 6

Prompt 7

The output was very generic with no actionable insights therefore reiterating the plan

Prompt 8 

Not sure about the validity of the data but still we do have some basic ideas now about expected conversions. Change the numbers as per your expectations to modify the plan using below prompts.

Prompt 9 

Editing values in the tabular output

Prompt 10

Prompt 11

Works perfectly!! Try out more cool experiments by modifying

But, how about a situation where we do not want to invest a significant amount of money and want to grow our venture organically. Let’s see what exactly does it recommends

Prompt 12

Out of the above options, content marketing looks like an option which can be done easily using ChatGPT. Let’s finally explore what we can do more in content marketing with below prompts.

Prompt 13

Prompt 14

Prompt 15 

It really solved the major challenge of prioritizing the strategy!! 

Finally, we have a marketing strategy wireframe in place for our business. With above 15 prompts you easily generate a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business and easily play around with ChatGPT powers to get more accurate results as per your ideas.

So, we have concluded the ideation phase for our overall business strategy. In the next part of this blog series we will focus on how to start building your website or an app and launch it in the market. Also, we will cover marketing execution in detail. 

Stay tuned and I hope that you will try out these prompts and build something great!

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