DALL-E 2 vs Bing Image Creator – Do we have a winner ?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications. One of the most exciting areas of development has been the creation of AI tools that can generate images based on textual prompts. Two of the most well-known image generators are DALL-E2, developed by OpenAI, and Bing Image Creator Tool, created by Microsoft but using DALL-E in the back end.

In this blog post, we will compare these two tools, exploring their features, capabilities, and limitations. We will also provide recommendations for which tool might be best suited for specific applications. 

Does Image Quality Differ?

Although DALL-E2 is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to generating images using AI and Microsoft Bing is powered by DALL-E2, we found that Microsoft Bing was actually able to outperform DALL-E2 in terms of the quality of images generated.

We experimented with both tools, giving them the same prompt, and got results with a noticeable difference in quality.

Prompt: ‘A person playing electric guitar with long hair and thunder rumbling out of the guitar’, and these are the results we got.

Generated by Bing

Generated by Dall-E2

Prompt 2: ‘A goat running on a mountain top’.

Generated by Bing

Generated by Dall-E2

Our verdict – You can clearly see the difference and that Microsoft Bing produces way better quality images than DALL-E2 even though both are using DALL-E2 in the backend!

Can they generate images of famous personalities?

You would expect some amazing results when you input the name of someone famous, but that is not the case. Both tools fail to output the images of some of the most famous personalities and may even give a warning message. Here are some examples of the images we tried to generate with the prompt: ‘Virat Kohli Batting’.

Generated by Bing

Generated by Dall-E2

Our verdict – Although we were not able to get the desired result, Bing performed better in order to generate relevant images and provided better results. Images created using DALL-E2 do not even produce satisfactory results for a person batting.

Can they generate images with text?

Generating images in which you want a particular text to appear can be a bit disappointing in both of these tools. You will end up generating some random text and will not be able to get satisfactory results.

Generated by Bing

Generated by Dall-E2

Our verdict – Both gave disappointing results when it came to showing text in an image. None of these can be used for that purpose.

How fast can they generate images?

Our verdict – Speed can vary in generating images as there is no fixed time but both these tools are capable of generating images within a minute with Bing Image Creator being a bit faster than DALL-E2.

What about the UI/UX?

Both these tools have a simple and user-friendly interface. You can see all the features on the page that are easy to use and if you are using the app even for the very first time, then also you will not have any problem using the tools.

Interface of Bing

Interface of DALL-E 2

Our verdict – Both have a simple to use interface and both can be easily used by any first-time user.


One of the most interesting features of Microsoft Bing is that it is actually free of cost. You have some boost with the help of which you can generate images faster in Bing and when those expire, image generation may take a bit longer which is totally fine as it comes free of cost. DALL-E2 provides you with 15 free credits i.e. you can create 15 images for free and once expired, they get refilled(15) after a month. If you want to buy DALL-E2 credits, then you can get 115 credits for $15.

Our verdict – Both can be used freely without a subscription. If you are okay with speed after credits expiration, we suggest going with Bing Image Creator, otherwise, you have the option to buy credits in DALL-E 2.


Although both of these tools use DALL-E in the backend, Bing image creator outperforms DALL-E2 in almost every attribute whether it be speed, simple to complex image generation, quality of images, or the relevance of images. You can try both tools yourself as they are freely and easily accessible but we suggest you go for Bing image creator.

You can tell us your point of view or any other good tool comparison we should do in the comment section down below.


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