Durable.co: The Ultimate Website Builder

Are you someone who wants to create a website but doesn’t have any coding knowledge? Do you also want to track your website’s analytics and manage customer relationships without any hassle? If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Durable.co, a website builder that allows you to create a website with ease and provides analytics and CRM management tools. We’ll walk you through its features and limitations, and create a website to gain a better understanding of its capabilities. So, let’s dive in and explore Durable.co!

Website Builder

Website Generation Example

To generate a website, Durable prompts you to provide your company name, industry, and location.

I provided the business name as CodeCrafters and selected web development as the industry.

Upon submission, Durable automatically generated a default banner section with dummy data. However, you are free to modify it to your liking. This section allows you to customize the heading, subtext, and button label. Additionally, you can link the button to any webpage, email, or phone number of your choice.

Moreover, you can also adjust the alignment, choose between a solid background color or image, and specify the image position – horizontal or vertical. To enhance text readability, you have the option to add a background overlay.

Following that, there is an option to add a new section. You can easily choose from a list of available options. To see an example, refer to the image below.

You have the ability to add various sections such as Banner, Testimonial, Contact Form, and more. In addition, you can embed custom code as needed.

For instance, you can add a List section to showcase the services offered on your website. Here is an example of what the section may look like.

In this section, you can modify the heading to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can select which elements you want to display for each list item, such as Image, Icon, Heading, Content, and Button.

Moreover, you can adjust the image settings, including its fit, aspect ratio, and border radius. Furthermore, you can align the section and customize the background to your liking.

I have also included a Testimonial section with two sample testimonials. You can add as many testimonials as you require, customize the profile pictures, adjust the text alignment, and change the background color.

I have included a Contact Us section as well, where you can add custom form fields according to your requirements. By default, the form fields include name, email, and message. Additionally, you can modify the form alignment and customize the section’s background color.

The next section is the About Us section, which is a text-only section. In this section, you can add written content, adjust the text alignment, and customize the background color.

Finally, there is the Footer section, where you have the option to either display your company name or a logo. You can also customize the alignment and background color of this section.

Furthermore, you can include additional details such as social media links for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Additionally, there is an option to hide the “Made with Durable” text.


Website Building 

As demonstrated, you can use this platform to create your own website. In addition to website building, Durable offers an Analytics dashboard for monitoring website traffic and performance.

You can also generate SEO for your website by entering the title, description, and image.

You have the option to set a custom domain for your website and add code at the end of the <head> tag or before the <body> tag.


Under Marketing, Durable offers three key features:

  1. Promotions – to help you increase brand awareness and reach potential customers. You can create promotions by clicking on the “Create Promotion” button, which will give you options to create Google ads, Facebook posts, tweets, and emails. 

For example, you can create an email campaign to promote your business.

  1. Brand – You can customize your invoices and website by adding your logo and choosing your preferred colors to create a cohesive brand identity.
  1. Reviews – To start collecting reviews from your customers, you need to upgrade to Durable Growth.


CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is a strategy that businesses use to manage their interactions with customers and potential customers using technology. The main goal of CRM is to improve customer engagement, enhance customer experience, and ultimately drive sales growth and customer loyalty. With the help of CRM software, companies can organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support processes.

Let’s try Durable CRM.

Once you receive a message through the contact us form, you will be able to see the entry on the dashboard.

Let’s click on the first entry

From there, you can view the user’s details such as their name, email, address, notes, feedback, and messages. You can also send messages to the user from the dashboard.

With Durable CRM, you can automatically reply to leads that send you a message through the lead capture form by connecting your organization’s email. However, this feature is only available in the paid version of the software.


Durable also provides an invoicing feature where you can create and send invoices to your customers. You can access the invoices dashboard to manage and keep track of your invoices.

Let’s create an invoice.

To create an invoice, you can select a contact from the list or create a new contact. Then you can add items and their respective prices, and save the invoice. You can also send an invoice directly from the dashboard.

All the items added with “add to invoice items list” set to True will be listed in the invoice items section. Additionally, you can set a default tax rate to be added to all invoices.


Durable.co is a website builder and CRM software that offers several features to its users. However, there are some limitations of Durable.co that users should be aware of before using the platform:

  1. Limited design customization: Durable.co provides various templates and design options, but the customization options are limited. Users may find it challenging to create unique and personalized designs within the constraints of the templates. Additionally, modifying the design of the pre-defined templates is not possible. However, users can embed their own code to add personalized design elements.
  2. Limited integrations: Durable.co has limited integrations with other tools and software. This can make it difficult for users to connect Durable.co with their existing workflows and tools.
  3. Limited free features: Durable.co offers a free trial, but many features are only available with a paid subscription. This can be a disadvantage for users who are looking for a cost-effective solution.
  4. Limited support: Durable.co does not offer phone support, and users have to rely on email support. This can be a disadvantage for users who need quick assistance.
  5. Limited CRM features: While Durable.co offers a CRM feature, it has limited functionality compared to other dedicated CRM software. This can be a disadvantage for users who require more advanced CRM features.

Overall, Durable.co can be a suitable website builder and CRM software for small businesses, but users should consider its limitations before making a decision.


Durable offers two pricing plans:

Starter plan – for $15/month: This pack is perfect for those who are starting out with a new business or operating a side hustle.

Business plan – for $25/month: This pack is ideal for businesses looking to take their operations to the next level.

The following image showcases the features offered by each plan.

One noteworthy feature of Durable is its 90-day free trial, which provides ample time to explore the platform’s capabilities. Currently, I am using the free trial version of the platform.


In conclusion, Durable is a powerful tool for individuals and businesses who want to create a website without any coding knowledge and also want to track their website’s analytics and manage their customer relationships. With its user-friendly interface, various templates, and customization options, Durable makes it easy for anyone to create a website that looks professional and functions well. Additionally, its marketing and invoicing features help businesses to promote their products and services and manage their finances. While there are some limitations, such as limited design customization, the overall benefits of using Durable make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to establish an online presence and grow their business.

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