Exploring Runway: The Power of AI Editing

Welcome to the exciting world of AI-powered video and image editing! With the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s never been easier to create stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd. In this blog, we’ll explore one of the AI tools for editing images and video Runway, and showcase how it can take your creative projects to the next level.

With Runway, you can generate images from text, video from a video, generate 3D texture from text and many more creative things. AI-powered editing tools can help you achieve stunning results with minimal effort. So join us on this journey and discover the amazing possibilities of AI in the world of image and video editing!

Features of Runway

On exploring the tool we came across so many exciting features which can help you in editing your video, image. Let’s look some of them.

Video to Video

Runway has this exciting feature for edit the video. You can edit the video by adapting an image theme, by some preset or by some prompts. Isn’t it exciting. Let’s check it out.

We will try this feature on this video.


From an image : It has the option to upload an image or you can choose from existing one. We uploaded an image of some charcoal lines. and it converted the above video into a charcoal sketch. We uploaded this image .

Charcoal lines

Here is the result.

Edit from Charcoal lines

It gives only 3 seconds of video. For more you have to purchase a paid plan.

Let’s try out some other options

From Preset: It has some preset filter for editing. We tried charcoal sketch. Here is the result.

Charcoal sketch preset

You can see in above video it adapted the charcoal sketching and converted the video. Personally, We liked it.

From Prompts : We tried editing from presets, from image now let’s try how good it is with prompts.

We gave the prompt: put a bee on the flower. Here is the result.

Prompt – Put a bee on the flower

Result is not expected. We are not able to identify the bee clearly. Let’s try some more prompts.

Prompt no 2: add some snow in the background

Style strength : 50%
Style strength : 100%

For the prompt “add some snow in the background” it gave the above result. We tried with style strength 50% and 100% respectively. You can see that both results are different. But, We personally did not like it because it changed the originality of the flower.

We tried video-to-video feature. Let’s try some other feature provided by Runway.

Image to Image

Image to image conversion tasks include style transfer, super-resolution, and image colorization.

We gave the prompt as “Add snow in background”. The results we got were really satisfactory

Style strength 75%
Style strength 100%

Text to Image

Text-to-image is a feature that allows the generation of images from textual descriptions.With text-to-image, users can easily create visual content using traditional image creation methods. Let’s try this feature.

Prompt 1: A dog is climbing a coconut tree.

A dog is climbing a coconut tree

Let’s try another prompt

Prompt 2: Shark driving a car in ocean.

Shark driving a car in ocean

We tried this feature and honestly the results were not up to the mark. There are many other tools for text-to-image in the market which are giving far better results on the same prompt.

Expand Image

This feature seemed to be very Interesting by just reading the name but when we explored, it was just expanding the image by changing its aspect ratio. In other words this feature basically changes the aspect ratio of the Image.

We tried giving it an image and it just changed its output. There were limited aspect ratio options to which the image could be changed. Honestly reviewing this feature is commonly available on any other web or mobile application in which user can change the aspect ratio as per their requirements

Frame Interpolation

This feature converts the images to video. We can give some pictures as Input and this will make a video using those pictures. It provided a good transition effect from one picture to another. Users can control the length of video but have no control over the transition effect. This feature has single transition effect(more may be available in paid version)  which it applies to all the images in the video

Text to 3D texture

AI-powered 3D textures can be used to create more realistic and dynamic virtual environments in games and simulations. They can also be used in architectural visualization and product design to provide a more accurate representation of how objects would look and behave in the real world.

We can give texture as prompt and it generates a 3D texture of the prompt.

Wooden Texture
Metallic Texture

There are may more features present on this tool, you can check those here.

Benefits of Runway

User-friendly interface: Runway has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for both beginners and experienced editors.

Wide range of editing tools: Runway offers a wide range of editing tools, including color correction, cropping, resizing, and more, allowing you to make all the necessary adjustments to your images.

Support for different file types: Runway supports a variety of file types, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more, so you can edit images in whichever format you prefer.

Cloud-based: Runway is a cloud-based tool, which means you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection and collaborate with others on your editing projects.

AI-powered features: Runway has AI-powered features that can help you to automate certain editing tasks, such as background removal,and more, saving you time and effort.


Runway has a Free Forever plan and paid plans as well on a monthly and yearly basis. User can choose as per their requirements.

You can check this on it’s official website. 

What lies ahead

Runway is a cutting-edge AI tool that empowers creatives, designers, and developers to build, train, and deploy their own AI models. The team behind Runway is committed to continuously enhancing the tool’s capabilities and features to meet the evolving needs of its users and the industry.

Currently, Runway is a video/image tool that works on video-to-video, image-to-image, text to 3d texture and many more features. But, Now it is ready with its GEN-2 model , A Text-to-Video model based on natural language processing. It will be coming out very soon, you can join the waitlist here.


Runway is an innovative tool that leverages advanced technology to simplify and enhance the video editing process. Its user-friendly interface, robust capabilities, and cloud-based storage and rendering make it a compelling option for online video editing. Its ability to streamline the video editing process with the use of AI makes it a promising tool for professionals and amateurs alike. Despite of lacking in some image related features, Runway is a considerable tool for your video/images editing needs.

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