How well does Simplified AI perform?

AI-powered blog generators save time and resources by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create well-written content, making blogging more accessible and economical for individuals and businesses. These tools are especially useful for complex or research-intensive topics where manual writing can be time-consuming, enabling businesses and individuals to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

One of such tool we explored for text generation is Simplified AI. In this article we will give you our detailed review about our experience with the tool.

What is Simplified AI tool?

Simplified AI Tool is a software program that uses algorithms and machine learning models to analyze large amounts of linguistic data and produce content that resembles human-written content. Its purpose is to create truly human-like content, and unlike advanced AI tools, it’s designed to be simple and intuitive to use, and doesn’t require any specialized technical skills to operate.

Key features of Simplified AI

Keyword Optimization: The tool allows users to enter relevant keywords and topics, and then generates content that is optimized for those specific keywords. Let’s have a look.


It gave good result in 10-20 seconds and saved lot of time and effort.

Customization: Users can customize the tone, style, templates ,number of results of content to match their brand voice and requirements. You can also customize the creativity level.


Here you can see that there are ample amount of content templates along with the creativity level. But, there is no option to control the length of content.

Multi-language Support: The tool can generate content in multiple languages, making it a valuable resource for businesses with a global presence.we tried to convert above blog into spanish language.and the result it gave is below.


Here, it wrote the blog introduction in Spanish language. We also tried writing in Hindi. Let’s have a look and analyze it.

We gave keywords : God, universe creation. This is what we got.

The result we received is not as expected. Although, there is no language mistake but it should be more thoughtful.

What else has Simplified AI got to offer?

Question generator from paragraph: Just give a paragraph as prompt and it will phrase questions from the given text.


We can see that it extracted some questions from the given comprehensive text. But, questions are repetitive.

Writing some specific email : For writing some specific mail can be a hectic and boring task. Don’t worry Simplified AI can write for you based on subject like (congratulation, confirmation, cancellation). just give subject as prompt and it will generate email for you.

Here, we asked for writing a congratulatory email for Selecting as a team captain of college cricket team. Check out the result below.

writing emails

Conclusion of the Blog : Just write the title of blog and call to action and It can suggest the conclusion of a blog. Although , The length of the content received is very short. It should be more comprehensive and wordy. Just have a look of the below image.

conslusion paragraph

Here is also there is no option to control the length of content.

What about the subscription model?

The tool is not free of cost. You will get some credits for month initially which will get used in testing. You can refill your credits or can get no of words by paying a specific amount.


Or you can buy the monthly/yearly subscription as per your requirements.


What are the areas of improvements?

The tool is very helpful and time saving but in our opinion following things could be done for further improvements.

  • While the tool offers a variety of remarkable features, users may encounter difficulty in discovering some of the more advanced options. UI/UX could be more better so that one can easily discover the platform.
  • It should be noted that translations in other languages may not always be accurate when using the tool.
  • Users might find that the tool’s content library is lacking in quantity and may require additional generated data to supplement their needs. These should be a option to control the length of your content.


In our experience, we found the Simplified AI tool to do well if you are looking for initial ideas for your blog or want to simplify writing an email. But it does not give you the flexibility to change the output it is recommending like the number of words in the text. Also, the translate feature was not very reliable. Long story short, we recommend you to play around with the tool and experiment yourself but do not rely on it heavily because the results are not very convincing.

Stay tuned for more such content!

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